Messages from the Future

I was sitting at a stoplight, thinking about my 17 year old daughter. And then I started thinking about my 21st birthday. One of the worst days of my life. I got wasted…I drove my car anyway, and ended up running out of gas on a highway, 15 miles out of town. Someone, thank goodness, picked me up hitchhiking and drove me into town, dropped me off still a mile or two from my home, and I walked through green suburban lawns at 7 am as people where coming out of their homes ready for the day. It was already a hot summer day, and I was sweating as I drudged back towards my own home, hoping no one would see me, but surely someone would.

And so, at the stoplight I wondered…what would my daughter do on her 21st birthday? What if I could, right then, send her a message…maybe a ‘text’ maybe a video message…giving her some thoughts on the big “21”. Maybe she could travel that day! something you’ve never done before!…maybe volunteer somewhere. But DON’T just think of it as an opportunity to drink/party/be dumb just because, hey you’re legal!

And what if I could assign a trigger for when that message would download from the cloud to her phone/whatever the thing is they’d be using ┬áin 4 years…like for instance, a week before her 21st birthday.

Would that be cool? Weird?

Or inevitable.

Ramit Sethi

Listening to Ramit Sethi on James Altucher’s podcast. Two interesting takeaways (among many).

Be specific. And A/B test in your daily life. For instance, what do you say when you meet people? That’s an interesting thought. He mentions things as simple as how he describes what he does. For awhile he said he was a ‘writer’…he noticed a change in people’s attitudes towards him when he started saying he was an ‘author’.