58 more days…

…until #AFM2017. Over the past few months, Lower Boom has convened a few meetings we called “Indie Filmmaking Meets VR”

We invited indie filmmakers who knew nothing about the VR platform, VR technologists that knew nothing about linear cinematic storytelling, folks from the business side of the storytelling business, and more, and mashed them all up in a room with some beer, a few prompts, some thought-exercises and we were off…many different perspectives, lots of great questions, new connections made. The reason we brought these folks together was we’re curious to figure out what rules exist for storytelling in VR, what do we know, what don’t we know, how can VR leverage the storytelling capacity of the filmmakers, how can the filmmakers dip their toe in the VR world…

One of the outcomes of these meetings was Lower Boom itself has decided to dip it’s toe in the VR world in a number of ways, first and foremost with developing the fascinating characters and world of the video game ARID GHOST. 


It’s beautiful, mysterious, has lots of multi-platform/channel potential…and it’s not on the market yet! So we’re excited to continue developing the ideas and the world of ARID GHOST and bring it with us to the American Film Market in November.

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