CPR – my new directing gig

Shooting a short film in October…my good friend, the insanely talented Kimberly Warner has written a very interesting treatment…no dialog…and has asked me to direct/produce. We are waiting to hear if we can use Kickstarter to raise some funds…we have a small budget to start with, hoping to augment…

Here is our tumblr…CPR...with some stills from a test shoot, and some footage I shot as we shot…I edited into a short little tease. It will be a beautiful thing!

Here’s some stills I shot during test shoot….

Matt Schulte’s Filmmaker links from around the web

links/posts  from around the web that will be of interest to filmmakers!

How YouTube’s modest new movie rental service could radically change the movie business

Film Execs look at the state of Indie Distribution « The Global Film Village

Fans ‘invest’ in films

What Defines An Event? 10 Thoughts On Transforming Small to LARGE

Kickstarter vs. indiegogo

Soon to launch a crowd-funding appeal for my film projects. And I am wondering what the pros and cons of kickstarter vs. indiegogo are? honestly I can’t tell from the websites. This is of course, may mean I am not nearly so clever as I think…or maybe that there is fundamentally not much difference in these (and other) crowd-funding sites. You sign up…you ask people for money…you give them perks.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Just Sell it Yourself

I am sure everyone has already taken note of Dargis’ article in today’s NY Times…she covers the territory that twitter has been aflame with these last 6 months or so…the fact that filmmakers are taking control of their own destinies…entire new business models, marketing models, filmmaking models.  One year ago there was despair in the film community. Everything is/was broken. There has been a complete turn-around. Enthusiasm and energy abound now, as filmmakers (and their fans) become much more proactive…about making, distributing, and enjoying…films. Movies? Transmedia? Whatever it is that artists will be/are creating.

Declaration of Indies: Just Sell It Yourself!

Eric Rohmer – The Classicist

Eric Rohmer, one of the original French New Wave, died Monday at age…89. He is one of the giant figures in cinema, but one who I am almost totally unfamiliar with. I’ve seen many Godard, Resnais, Truffuat films…but somehow missed Rohmer. I’ve added many of his films now to my Netflix queue. There is an excellent article in today’s NY Times entitled:
Rohmer the Classicist, Calmly Dissecting Desire

that is an excellent (I think) summation of his work, and approach.

Screenplay writing – work for hire

I am hard at work on a screenplay a local producer hired me to write. It is based on his good idea, and he even went to the trouble of writing a short story…though he admits he is not a writer. I’ve never done a work-for-hire screenplay, only spec work….so it is an interesting and exciting challenge. And it’s a comedy….ooof. Most of my spec scripts are pretty dark-humored, but he liked my style, ideas and the trailer I wrote and shot for I Am the Alien. The producer also wanted to publicize the fact that he is developing a film…but I don’t know how and where one does that. Anybody out there have any thoughts on that?