I’ve decided to write a book. It’s called IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.

Playing at Al's Den November 2015

Playing at Al’s Den November 2015


Soundcloud and Facebook

Had the hardest time trying to get the soundcloud widget to work properly on Facebook. It worked at first…then a bunch of errors, then I was able to post a link to Facebook that takes one to the sound file itself…but still no in-page play at Facebook. Dang.

But, here’s the link…one more time!…to the theme song for 13 Years in A Broken Down Rocket Ship, the new web series I am writing. I wrote, performed, and recorded the song…with Jason Bays of the Spires on bass.

13 Years in a Broken Down Rocket Ship

I’ve written and recorded the theme song for a new web series I am writing and producing called “13 Years in a Broken Down Rocket Ship”. Today I am doing the final mixdown, ably assisted by my good friend Scott Weddle, of Amelia fame. Special “guest star” on bass, Jason Bays of the awesome Spires. I will post it later today…sort of a Guided by Voices meets MBV. Maybe.