Soundcloud and Facebook

Had the hardest time trying to get the soundcloud widget to work properly on Facebook. It worked at first…then a bunch of errors, then I was able to post a link to Facebook that takes one to the sound file itself…but still no in-page play at Facebook. Dang.

But, here’s the link…one more time!…to the theme song for 13 Years in A Broken Down Rocket Ship, the new web series I am writing. I wrote, performed, and recorded the song…with Jason Bays of the Spires on bass.

13 Years in a Broken Down Rocket Ship

I’ve written and recorded the theme song for a new web series I am writing and producing called “13 Years in a Broken Down Rocket Ship”. Today I am doing the final mixdown, ably assisted by my good friend Scott Weddle, of Amelia fame. Special “guest star” on bass, Jason Bays of the awesome Spires. I will post it later today…sort of a Guided by Voices meets MBV. Maybe.