Ramit Sethi

Listening to Ramit Sethi on James Altucher’s podcast. Two interesting takeaways (among many).

Be specific. And A/B test in your daily life. For instance, what do you say when you meet people? That’s an interesting thought. He mentions things as simple as how he describes what he does. For awhile he said he was a ‘writer’…he noticed a change in people’s attitudes towards him when he started saying he was an ‘author’.



Soundcloud and Facebook

Had the hardest time trying to get the soundcloud widget to work properly on Facebook. It worked at first…then a bunch of errors, then I was able to post a link to Facebook that takes one to the sound file itself…but still no in-page play at Facebook. Dang.

But, here’s the link…one more time!…to the theme song for 13 Years in A Broken Down Rocket Ship, the new web series I am writing. I wrote, performed, and recorded the song…with Jason Bays of the Spires on bass.

Screenplay writing – work for hire

I am hard at work on a screenplay a local producer hired me to write. It is based on his good idea, and he even went to the trouble of writing a short story…though he admits he is not a writer. I’ve never done a work-for-hire screenplay, only spec work….so it is an interesting and exciting challenge. And it’s a comedy….ooof. Most of my spec scripts are pretty dark-humored, but he liked my style, ideas and the trailer I wrote and shot for I Am the Alien. The producer also wanted to publicize the fact that he is developing a film…but I don’t know how and where one does that. Anybody out there have any thoughts on that?