Heading to Springfield for a shoot. #Can

Heading to Springfield for a shoot. #Canon5D #chopsbuilding


taking the plunge with Kickstarter

today begins the campaign for raising funds for my new project CPR, a short film that I will be directing. My friend Kimberly Warner had a great idea and asked me to help her bring it to life.

Our kickstarter link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/323309941/cpr

Very excited to try out this new crowdfunding concept. 30 days to raise 5K.

Check it out! It’s going to be a beautiful and moving, we hope!

CPR – my new directing gig

Shooting a short film in October…my good friend, the insanely talented Kimberly Warner has written a very interesting treatment…no dialog…and has asked me to direct/produce. We are waiting to hear if we can use Kickstarter to raise some funds…we have a small budget to start with, hoping to augment…

Here is our tumblr…CPR...with some stills from a test shoot, and some footage I shot as we shot…I edited into a short little tease. It will be a beautiful thing!

Here’s some stills I shot during test shoot….

Chatroulette is insane

Chatroulette is nuts. But, also a new shift in content creation. I have no idea where it could lead, but these little fissures of creativity in coding and concept take content creation and distribution in entirely different and unexpected directions. This crazy site will have a larger impact somehow somewhere…it’s the Wild West out there in the world of content and distribution.

kickstarter vs indiegogo redux

I posted a query about the two services kickstarter and indiegogo a few weeks ago on my blog, wondering which might be a better fit for a new project of mine. I got a lot of responses, both on-line and off….people pointing out the pros and cons, as they say them. Since then, I’ve noticed some of the folks I follow on twitter have opted for one or the other…if you’ve recently started using one of the services…well, how’s it going? What do you think? (I’m looking at you, Trigonis)

Of note, also…this is a topic on a lot of people’s minds. Every day I get a lot of search engine traffic from search terms like “kickstarter indiegogo”….so I know there’s lots of folks out there wondering the same thing.