This Is Your Place – Song #104 of #365songs – A Musical Memoir

This Is Your Place – Song #104 of #365songs – A Musical Memoir




hitch in the giddyup

Not that anyone’s listening…but if someone IS listening, I’ve been having recurring technical issues with my laptop, which I record on, write on, and upload from. So, I have to take a couple days off from the #365songs project to get some stuff fixed and my set-up tweaked. This will put me a few more days behind…I’m already a couple behind gosh darn it, I’ve uploaded 98 I should be at 100 for today. Hopefully back in action and getting caught up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Old Man – Song #98 of #365songs – A Musical Memoir

Cool Engine Myth song – recorded when I was working with, for about 5 minutes, Hilton Rosenthal (who was responsible for putting together Paul Simon’s multi-platinum hit album Graceland) and his company Rhythm Safari. Bobby Summerfield engineered this never completed session. Words, music, vocal arrangement, and lead vocal by me.