CPR – my new directing gig

Shooting a short film in October…my good friend, the insanely talented Kimberly Warner has written a very interesting treatment…no dialog…and has asked me to direct/produce. We are waiting to hear if we can use Kickstarter to raise some funds…we have a small budget to start with, hoping to augment…

Here is our tumblr…CPR...with some stills from a test shoot, and some footage I shot as we shot…I edited into a short little tease. It will be a beautiful thing!

Here’s some stills I shot during test shoot….

Matt Schulte’s Filmmaker links from around the web

links/posts  from around the web that will be of interest to filmmakers!

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Eric Rohmer – The Classicist

Eric Rohmer, one of the original French New Wave, died Monday at age…89. He is one of the giant figures in cinema, but one who I am almost totally unfamiliar with. I’ve seen many Godard, Resnais, Truffuat films…but somehow missed Rohmer. I’ve added many of his films now to my Netflix queue. There is an excellent article in today’s NY Times entitled:
Rohmer the Classicist, Calmly Dissecting Desire

that is an excellent (I think) summation of his work, and approach.

http://twitter.com/search?q=infdist Infinite Distribution

Ross Pruden, in an article from his blog, part 2 of a 6 part series,  called The Filmmaker’s Guide to Value, mentions a new virtual panel on Twitter called Infinite Distribution. The panel focuses on film distribution in the digital age which you can find and contribute to at #infdist. Lots of chat going on there that will be of interest to all indy filmmakers. Scratch that….all filmmakers.